February 23, 2018 Retirement Board Meeting Agenda

Section I: Regular Business:


Minutes of February 23, 2018                        Executive Session

Minutes of February 23, 2018                        Regular Meeting                            


Warrant #1/2018, Dated January 31, 2018                             $4,198,490.92 Final               

Warrant #2/2018, Dated February 28, 2018                           $2,090,994.66 Partial

Warrant #3/2018, Dated March 31, 2018                               $    699,109.31 Partial

Warrant #4/2018, Dated April 30, 2018                                 $         3,911.19 Partial

Trial Balance:                                                  $176,883,107.29                                

Public Comment:

New/Old Business:


Memo #12/2018:        PERAC v. CRAB & others, SJC No. 12331 (February 13, 2018)

Memo #13/2018:         Mandatory Ethics Training

Memo #14/2018:         Interest Payments in Certain Situations

2017 Annual Statement:

Board to review and vote on the 2017 Annual Statement to be submitted to PERAC.


Board to discuss and vote change of the Barings Capital Floating Rate Income Fund structure from a Cayman and Delaware LP to an Irish domiciled Qualifying Investor Alternative Investment Fund. 

Mr. Tranghese will give a review of the global multi-asset RFP as well as begin preliminary discussions on allocation for the upcoming appropriation.

Section II: Membership:

New Hires:


9%       Allegrini, Olivia, Group 1, Administrative Assistant

            Perm. Full-time: $752.24 weekly

            Start Date: February 21, 2018


9%       Hoisington, Erin, Group 1, Cafeteria Worker

            Perm. Full-time: 1,027.71 bi-weekly

            Start Date: February 26, 2018

9%       Trepanier, Kenneth, Group 1, Custodian

            Perm. Full-time: $1,560.15 bi-weekly

            Start Date: March 5, 2018



Wayne Morse, Heavy Motor Equipment Operator, has requested a buyback of On-Call Firefighter service with the Town of Lakeville from 2008 through 2012.  Plymouth County Retirement has denied 3(8)(c ) liability. Will the Board accept 3(8)(c ) liability for this service?



Cloud, Mark, Group 1, Former Water Quality Service Manager

Four (4) Years, Two (2) Months Creditable Service (10/21/2013-1/12/2018)

Total Refund Including FWT: $29,170.35

Moscheck, Dena, Former Group 1 Librarian

Three (3) Years, One (1) Month Creditable Service (6/25/2012-3/31/2018)

Total Refund Including FWT: $12,258.19



Botieri, Cheryl, Group 1, Former Parent Education Specialist

Two (2) Years, One (1) Month Creditable Service (4/23/2001-6/20/2003)

Total Rollover: $1,176.65



Curt-Costa, Paulette, Group 1, Secretary

Thirty-One Years, Two Months Creditable Service

Superannuation Retirement, opt b

Retirement Date: March 30, 2018

Executive Session:

Pursuant to MGL Chapter 30A, Section 21 (a)(3), the Board will enter into executive session to discuss ongoing litigation.

Next Meeting: