June 2020 Retirement Board Meeting

Pursuant to Governor Baker’s March 12, 2020 Order Suspending Certain Provisions of the Open Meeting Law, G.L. c. 30A, §18, and the Governor’s March 15, 2020 Order imposing strict limitations on the number of people that may gather in one place, this meeting of the Plymouth Retirement Board is being conducted via remote participation. No in-person attendance of members of the public will be permitted, but every effort will be made to ensure that the public can adequately access the proceedings as provided for in the Order.

Any member of the public that wishes to join the Plymouth Retirement Board Meeting remotely may call the Retirement Office at (508) 830-4170 or send an email to:


Section I: Regular Business:


Warrant #4 Dated April 30, 2020                                                       $ 17,640,072.01 Final

Warrant #5 Dated May 31, 2020                                                        $ 10,365,430.50 Partial

Warrant #6 Dated June 30, 2020                                                        $   19,721.08.00 Partial

Warrant #7 Dated July 1, 2020                                                                       6,180.00 Partial

Trial Balance as of April 30, 2020                                                     $ 171,257,845.57       

Public Comment:

New/Old Business:

In-Person Medical Panel Waivers:

Board to vote Medical Panel Waiver for the Richard Brown III


Portfolio Update and Review

Appropriation Review and vote

Section II: Membership:

New Hires:


9%       Hicks, Patrick, Group 4, Police Officer

            Perm. Full-time: $996.32 weekly

            Start Date: June 1, 2020         


9%       Rezendes, Nora May, Group 1, Bus Driver

            Perm. Full-time: $1,012.56 bi-weekly

            Start Date: March 1, 2020

9%       Trask, Jonathan, Group 1, Custodian

            Perm. Full-time: $1,623.20 bi-weekly

            Start Date: May 26, 2020

3(8)(c ) Liability


 Jared Shaughnessy, former Seasonal Sports Official, is currently a member of the Barnstable County Retirement Association.  Mr. Shaughnessy is interested in purchasing retirement credit for his time as a Seasonal Sports Official, however Mr. Shaughnessy did not make at least $5000.00 per year and was not eligible for membership in the pension system.



Pizer, Laurence, Group 1, Town Clerk

Twenty-Seven Years (27), Eleven (11) Months Creditable Service

Superannuation retirement, opt b

Retirement date: June 19, 2020

Elwell, Steven P., Group 1, Special Heavy Motor Equipment Operator

Twenty-Six (26) Years, One (1) Month Creditable Service

Superannuation retirement, opt c

Retirement Date: July 5, 2020

Dunbar, George, Group 1, GIS Coordinator

Fourteen (14) Years, Eleven (11) Months Creditable Service

Superannuation retirement, opt a

Retirement Date: 6/30/2020

Rice, Steven S, Group 4, Fire Fighter

Twenty-Five (25) Years, One (1) Month Creditable Service

Superannuation Retirement, opt a

Retirement Date: July 4, 2020


Silva Jr., Frank, Group 1, Building & Grounds Supervisor

Forty-Seven (47) Years, Six (6) Months Creditable Service

Superannuation Retirement: opt c

Retirement Date: June 30, 2020