Regular & Annual Investment Manager Reviews Meeting Agenda

Section I: Regular Business:


Minutes of October 25, 2019                                                  Regular Meeting

Minutes of October 25, 2019                                                  Executive Session


Warrant #9 Dated September 30, 2019                                  $       13,126,514.77 Final

Warrant #10 Dated October 31, 2019                                     $         1,869,828.32 Partial

Warrant #11 Dated November 30, 2019                                 $         1,146,486.01 Partial

Warrant #12 Dated December 1, 2019                                   $                6,000.00 Partial

Trial Balance as of: September 30, 2019                               $188,657,005.49                         

Public Comment:

New/Old Business:


Memo #24/2019:         Appropriation Data

PTG Software Support & Hosting Agreement:

Board to review and vote PTG Software Support and Hosting Agreement for period of January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2026.


Anthony Tranghese will give a portfolio review and update the Board on the current RFP’s for Large Cap Value & International Value Managers.

2019 Investment Manager Interviews:

8:30 a.m.         Barings

9:00 a.m.         Wellington

Section II: Membership:

New Hires:


9%       Fernandes Jr., Antonio, Group 1, Heavy Motor Equipment Operator-Solid Waste

            Perm. Full-time: $852.30 weekly
            Start Date: October 28, 2019

9%       Masiello, Steven, Group 1, Local Inspector B

            Perm. Full-time: $1,007.96 weekly

            Start Date: November 1, 2019


9%       Dutch, Rosalie, Group 1, Paraeducator

            Perm. Full-time: $704.02 bi-weekly

            Start Date: November 25, 2019

9%       McFayden, Abigail, Group 1, Paraeducator

            Perm. Full-time: $1,112.99 bi-weekly

            Start Date: October 25, 2019



Cavacco, Siobhan, Group 1, Academic Coordinator

Twelve (12) Years, Five (5) Months Creditable Service (8/3/2005-9/20/2019)

Total Transfer to Barnstable County Retirement: $46,828.80



Boutilier, Suzanne, Group 1, Paraeducator

Five (5) Years, One (1) Month Creditable Service (8/27/2014-10/2/2019)

Total Refund Including FWT: $11,924.41

Smith, Kelley, Group 1, Cafeteria Worker

Twelve (12) Years, Ten (10) Months Creditable Service (10/30/2006-9/27/2019)

Total Refund Including FWT: $9,801.58



Larsen, Adam, Group 4, Police Officer, has requested to purchase a prior refund of eleven (11) years, six (6) months service (January 24, 2005 through August 5, 2016) with the Plymouth Police Department.  Total amount of this refund was $80,703.87.  Interest will accrue monthly on this buyback.


3(8)(c ) Liability:


Joseph Matterazzo, Inspector of Wires, was previously employed part-time for the Town of Duxbury and not allowed membership into their system.  He would like the Town of Plymouth Retirement Board to take seven (7) months 3(8)(c ) liability for his part-time service with the Town of Duxbury if proper repayment is made. Will the Board take seven (7) months liability?


Betsy Sampson-Day (Donelan) is currently a member of the Plymouth County Retirement Association.  She was previously employed by the Town of Plymouth School Department from November 1, 1995 through November 1, 1999 and took a refund of her deductions on July 31, 2003.  If proper repayment of deductions and interest is made will the Board take two (2) years, nine (9) months liability?



Smith, Francis E., Group 1, Fire Apparatus Mechanic

Twenty (20) Years Creditable Service

Superannuation Retirement, opt b

Retirement Date: December 27, 2019

Section III:

Executive Session:

Pursuant to MGL Chapter 30A, Section 21 (a)(3), the Board will enter into executive session to discuss ongoing litigation.