Fund Managers

Our retirement Board employs a number of investment professionals to prudently invest the assets of the system.

Boston Trust & Investment Management Co.

  • Domestic Small Cap Equity

Boston Advisors

  • Domestic Equity

Pooled Accounts:

State Street Global Advisors (SSgA)


  • Global Allocation Fund

Wellington Management Company

  • Pool Research Equity
  • Pool Core Bond
  • Pool Public-Private Investment Funds
  • Pool Global Allocation Fund

Franklin Templeton Institutional

  • Pool International Equity


  • Pool High Yield Bond

PRIT Real Estate
PRIT Pool Vintage 2006
PRIT Pool Vintage 2007
PRIT Pool Vintage 2008
PRIT Pool Vintage 2009
PRIT Pool Vintage 2010
PRIT Pool Vintage 2011
PRIT Pool Vintage 2012

PRIT Pool Vintage 2014

PRIT Hedge Fund

Intercontinental Real Estate Corp

Westfield Cap - Large Cap Growth

Robeco - Large Cap Value

Babson Capital

  • Pool Floating Rate/Bank Loan Fund