Welcome to Plymouth Retirement

The Plymouth Retirement Board, which has the sole authority and responsibility for investing the funds and administering the benefits of the Plymouth Retirement System, is a separate and distinct entity from the Town of Plymouth. The System has its own assets and liabilities, and prudently invests the funds of the System so as to eliminate its unfunded liability pursuant to a state approved funding schedule. It is the Board's mission to oversee and effectively invest the funds of the System, and to provide benefits to the members and beneficiaries of the System consistent with the provisions of M.G.L. c. 32.

November 24, 2020

The Plymouth (MA) Retirement Board is seeking proposals from qualified investment managers specializing in dedicated unconstrained, flexible duration fixed income strategies with a return objective of positive absolute return in a variety of market conditions.  The proposed strategy should have a focus on investing broadly across global fixed income markets. The mandate may have broad investment guidelines pertaining to sector allocations, and the duration profile should be actively managed in an attempt to produce positive absolute returns regardless of the interest rate environment. The Retirement Board will not accept proposals for core plus, multi-sector strategies or hedge funds. The Board expects to make an allocation of $5.0-10.0 million to the mandate.