Proposed Changes to Health Insurance

On February 12, 2013, Governor Deval Patrick filed with the Massachusetts Legislature House Bill No. 59, An Act providing retiree healthcare benefits reform, which if passed will fundamentally alter the health care benefit eligibility and structure for future retirees.  While a bill is not a law, and House Bill No. 59 will be the subject of debate and possible amendment, due to the increasing cost and unfunded liability associated with the retiree health care costs, it is likely that some form of this legislation will be passed during this legislative session.

The Plymouth Retirement Board (“Board”) Administers the retirement benefits for members of the Plymouth Retirement System, however this administration of benefits does not include health insurance.  The health insurance provided to retirees is administered by the entity by which a member was employed at the time of retirement, and while your employer will likely not have any more information than the Board does, the Board felt it was appropriate to provide this information to its members and to encourage those who wish to comment to direct their concerns about the legislation, to Senator Theresa Murray and Representative Thomas Calter at

Please do not direct any questions or comments to the Board – while the Board and its staff are here to guide you and help you prepare for your retirement, the issue of health care extends beyond our jurisdiction and thus the most productive way in which your concerns can be heard and addressed through your state representative.

House Bill No. 59 is being provided for your review: